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The science of arousal


The effects of light energy on our bodies, also called photobiomodultion, are well known to doctors who use light energy to treat infections, promote healing, and reduce pain. It is a hot topic in the medical world, yet somehow we physicians have overlooked the fact that Photobiomodulation can improve sex.

Afterglow was born from our clinical trials utilizing low-level laser energy and light therapy to treat pelvic pain and overactive bladder disease.  For those of you unfamiliar with low-level lasers, they emit much less energy than a household light bulb. During our clinical trials subjects began experiencing improvements in their sexual responses. Subjects reported everything from arousal to better orgasm and even having orgasms for the first time. This was a great and unexpected outcome.  All we had to do was figure out a way to put those same wavelengths of light emitted by a thirty thousand dollar laser into an adult toy.

It took almost three years, but we succeeded big time.  Not only did we figure out a way to make Afterglow emit the same wavelengths used in our clinical trials, we added additional wavelengths know to decrease yeast and bacteria. We call this proprietary combination of near infrared light, visible blue and red light energy, PulseWaveÔ. Our team next tested various vibration patterns with PulseWaveÔ to determine which combination created the greatest arousal.  This perfect combination of PulseWaveÔ and Vibration is what we now call the PulseWave OÔ program. There is even a button on Afterglow to initiate the 7-minute PulseWave OÔ effect.

In a nut shell, or actually in a sexy, soft, silicon and plastic shell, Afterglow is the worlds first vibrator that uses Photobiomodulation to enhance arousal. Afterglow can deliver up to 85 pleasure combinations with and without PulseWaveÔ. For those who want less, turn PulseWaveÔ off and you still have one of the best vibrators in the sexual universe.

- Ralph Zipper, Founder, Afterglow Science LLC