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The science of arousal

How To Use Afterglow

woman in bed afterglow vibrator

Afterglow is a revolutionary new vibrator and the first in the world to use medical technology to enhance arousal. Afterglow emits pulses of light (red, blue and UV light) designed to increase blood flow and create a powerfully heightened state of arousal. It is not like any other vibrator you have used before, and to get the best out of it, we have created an online guide.

General Tips

Tip One - Relax

Relax, and breathe. Afterglow uses light energy to put your body in the mood. Get comfortable, and free yourself from distractions. We recommend taking 20 breaths in one minute to relax your body.

Tip Two - Don’t Rush

Don’t rush. To get the most out of Afterglow you need to give your body time to feel the effects of the light energy. The changes in your body may be subtle at first and you may be tempted to rush to the vibration mode and higher intensity settings. Resist this temptation and you will be rewarded. The real magic takes at least 5 minutes to occur. If you think you are going to Climax before that, back off and wait. The longer you wait, the more time you are allowing for the PulseWave™  light technology to do its thing. Just make sure the light is up against your clitoris the entire time.

Tip Three - Don’t Get Frustrated

Many women do not get that special O on their first try. If you don’t get there the first few times, you will still have a great experience. Most women tell us that things get better and better each time they use Afterglow®. Although some women describe reaching a very unique and fulfilling climax on their first or second session, practice has its rewards.

Tip Four - Choose Your Stimulation

Choose your stimulation. You can use the big finger on the clitoris the entire time or put the big finger in the vagina and the little finger on the clitoris.  Either way is awesome. If the little finger is on the clitoris, the PulseWave™ from the big finger will always hit the G-Spot. If you have never had a G-orgasm, this is your opportunity. Afterglow is a journey to a special climax. Take your time. However, when you need a quick fix,  it’s quite alright to turn it on and use it like a conventional vibrator.