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Spice Up Your Sex Life

Top 5 Valentines Day Surprises For Men

Yes, its that time of year again – Valentines Day is fast approaching and time to put your thinking caps on to come up with a suitable surprise for your man. Have you got something in mind for him already? Have you got something in mind for yourself? Well of course, it would be amiss if we did not suggest Afterglow, and with free shipping right up until Valentines Day, there’s even more reason to get one. Maybe you can sign him up to our email… Read More

The Origins Of The Afterglow

Sex and science are two things you don’t normally associate together, but in the case of the Afterglow, it is a perfect union! It is the world’s first vibrator to incorporate advanced medical technology to enhance the sexual experience. Science has improved many aspects of our lives, so why not sex? What is more surprising though is the Afterglow was a result of unintended side effects from the clinical trials of a medical product! The product in question was designed to treat pelvic floor pain… Read More

Welcome to the Afterglow Blog, and our website!

Welcome to our new home online and the only place you can buy Afterglow – the world’s first ‘smart sex toy’ that uses medical technology to enhance arousal. Here on our blog we will be posting all sorts of informative articles about Afterglow, sexual arousal, your body and how to get the best out of your sex life … with sex toys and your partner! Spicing up your bedroom life is what we are all about. Our website is the place you want to go… Read More